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Why look after your own pool? It will cost you less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day for us to do it for you.

What we do


The Best Pool Service in Perth

We call every 4 weeks throughout the year (this can be tailored to suit your needs). We check the pool shell, pump, filter, salt cell and ancillary equipment. We clean the salt cell, baskets and filter. Rake any debris from the pool. We conduct a comprehensive series of water tests and balance the pool to WA Department of Health standards. Every 8 weeks we treat the pool with AQUASURE™ and BROMINIZOR™ which are exclusive to poolwater technologies. We have reduced callout fees to our regular customers.


Crystal Clear Safe Pool Water

We provide a complete comprehensive professional service including:

  •  Chemical treatments
  •  Revival of green pools
  •  Pool handovers
  •  Pool inspection and report
  •  Complete equipment repair
  •  Supply of filters
  •  Pool pumps
  •  Chlorinator systems
  •  Supply and fit pool blankets
  •  Heating systems
  •  Automatic pool cleaners
  •  Pool toys


AQUASURE™ is a potable grade cationic polymer which removes microscopic organic particles from the water providing a crystal clear pool water. As a result the chlorine is more effective and pump running times can often be reduced. Thereby saving you money. Whilst BROMINIZOR™ is not a disinfectant, it enhances the effectiveness of chlorine by releasing bromine whenever chlorine is present. Bromine is a more effective sanitising agent than chlorine in killing bacteria, viruses and in reducing harmful chlorinated compounds. It works better at a wider pH range and in warmer water giving you the ultimate in healthy water.


Fed up with spending too much?

If this sounds like you, we are here to help. poolwater technologies is the largest WA owned and WA based mobile pool service in Western Australia. We pride ourselves on providing the best possible service at the best possible price. Your pool needs us!